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International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Everyone Can Create His Own Circumstances in His Life

An exciting event took place on Thursday, December 3rd in the Shazar elementary school as part of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities with the slogan “A Decade for an Accessible Community”. The school invited the members of the Nitzan Herzliya Adult Club to perform and entertain the children of the school and their parents.

Nitzan is a non-profit organization of parents of children and adults with learning disabilities and adaptive and functional difficulties. Nitzan Herzliya operates a social club for adults. The club comprises some 60 members aged 25-35.

The Nitzan Herzliya branch also provides other services to the community, such as: didactic and psychological evaluations, remedial instruction for children and teens with learning disabilities and social difficulties, and parental guidance.

Roi Weinstein, who teaches drama at the school and is a counselor at the Nitzan Adult Club, made the connection between the elementary school and the Nitzan Adult Club. In her opening words, the school principal said that mainly people tend to blame their circumstances for their situation, but here we see people who are dealing with difficulties in life, but despite this, they chose to take a stand and do something, to create, to dance, to sing, and to excite themselves and their surrounding.

In the show, the club members chose to perform selections of dance and song, and they presented the story “An Apartment for Rent” written by Leah Goldberg as part of the theatre club that operates in cooperation with the city theatre of Herzliya.

The young students responded very enthusiastically, applauded, and testified that everyone has something to give and contribute even if he’s handicapped and things don’t come easily for him.