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They Can Too

"They can too" - About Intimacy and Sexuality Among Adults with Disabilities Taken from an article that appeared on the Ynet website, 2.3.2010

Jealousy, love, sexual relations, adultery, intimacy, children, and family - all of these happen at the "Alone and Together" Center, which is run by Nitzan Rechovot, in order to give answers to populations with social disabilities. "Their conception is different, but they still understand that intimacy, warmth, and love is the recipe for happiness".

The first word that these children learn is, before anything else, no! No to love, no to intimacy, no to boyfriend/girlfriend, no to having children. But people with difficulties also deserve the right to have relationships and even to have a family of their own.

Some seven years ago, Nitzan Rechovot established the "Alone and Together" Center for the advancement of adults and adolescents with learning disabilities, ADHD, and adaptive difficulties. The "Alone and Together" Center provides counseling, treatment, and training in the area of sexuality, intimacy, and social relationships for people with social and cognitive disabilities. Irit Yaron, director of Nitzan Rechovot, speaks about the need of the adult population with special needs for love, intimacy, warmth, and adult relationships.

"I came across a case in which a couple from the housing program, who were living together and everyone knew that they were "a couple" came with us on a field trip for adults. When I saw the girl without her boyfriend, I asked her if he was coming? She said she doesn't know. When I asked her if they left from the same house and slept in the same bed, she said yes, but still she doesn't know. As far as they were concerned, intimacy means to sleep together. They aren't aware even of the fact that a couple is supposed to speak one with the other, to go out, to have fun together, to close the bedroom door when they're together. Their understanding is different, but despite all of their problems, inside they still know that intimacy, warmth, and love are the recipe for happiness". 

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