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Community Outreach

Nitzan was established over fifty years ago, reaches the local communities through our network of 38 branches all over the country, from Eilat in the south to Naharya in the north.
A large number of our branches are located in the geographic and social periphery of Israel. There for access to essential service in these areas is more limited than those living in major cities.

Another major problem which residences in the geographic and social periphery are struggling with is lack of employment opportunities, resulting in higher unemployment and therefor to severe social and economic distress. As a result of this reality, a situation where parents are struggling with daily living difficulties and do not have time to address their children’s problems and difficulties. In the absence of appropriate professional response, these children often, "fall through the cracks".

We, at Nitzan recognize the importance of providing equal opportunity for all and the accessibility of our professional services to residents in the social and geographic and operate through our branches and our projects in the community, to assist children with learning difficulties and learning disabilities by providing emotional educational assistance and support while addressing the needs of the children’s families as well.