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Stipends for treatment of children at-risk with learning difficulties through Nitzan’s branches at the geographic and social periphery of Israel

"Adopt A Child for Success"

Researches show that approximately 15% of the population in Israel suffers from learning disabilities in varying degrees. The absence of external sings of learning disabilities makes it difficult for assessment and therefore they are often neglected for years. Early assessment and diagnosis of learning disabilities prevents continuous suffering and impeding chances of success to those suffering from it in the future.

Due to diagnosis, providing appropriate treatment, and addressing the problem at an early age we can prevent significant academic gaps over the year, which may cause students drop out from the education system and their deterioration to margins of society.

The ministry of education in Israel does not cover educational assessment and diagnosis of learning disabilities. Unfortunately, many families in the geographic and social periphery in Israel cannot afford private diagnosis and treatment. Many times, they are not aware of the problem of even embarrassed to admit that there is one. In the few cases that children were diagnosed and are entitled to receive the appropriate educational support, it’s not enough and there is a crucial need for additional help.

We would like to provide these children 2nd – 6th grades who come from families in distress, in the geographic and social periphery, stipends for educational assessments and remedial teaching through the local Nitzan branches.

These stipends will enable us to reach these children from underprivileged families and proved early diagnosis followed by tailored treatment to each child, diagnosed with learning disabilities. Needless to say, this early intervention with a child increases his chances to stay within the regular education and realize his formal education at school.
This early intervention will not only improve the children’s academic achievements, but it may also raise their self-esteem and confidence in their abilities.

The cost of supporting one child during the school year amount to: 1,500 USD

Saving one child in Israel is like saving the whole world