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Educational Consultants Assist Parents

Educational consultants can make a great contribution to the welfare of children, particularly if they exhibit learning difficulties. In Nitzan we have for a long time sought a way to utilize the vast experience of educational consultants, and by 2012 we have launched a new project with the Educational Consultants Association of Israel. A group of pensioner consultants are now acting as volunteers, to aid families from greater Tel Aviv area. 

Every member of the group, counting 14 consultants, is matched with a family who has approached Nitzan and presented various difficulties related to the educational system.  "At last these parents have someone who sees their needs as a whole", says Dr. Shoshana Helman, a psychologist and certified family therapist, "an experienced educational consultant can make a huge contribution, effectively empowering the parent who might himself suffer from either learning disability or ADHD". Amalia Hadari, who is heading the Educational Consultants Association, has more to add. "The consultants are familiar with the educational system in Israel, and they will follow every family through an entire process, with an overview of all the ramifications of each step on the way", says Amalia. 
The project is unique, indeed, for parents in Israel can at last enjoy the benefits of case management. "Parents of children with learning disabilities face so many difficulties", says Dr. Maly Danino, the executive director of Nitzan, "all too often they are overwhelmed by the many tasks they need to handle, and they might at times give up". Dr. Danino is convinced that a case manager can guide the parent effectively, so that the parent does not waste energies. 

Many parents are now able to join the project and enjoy the service it provides. Being unique of its kind, Nitzan is set to monitor and evaluate its consequences, so as to draw lessons for the future. 

For more information: sivan@nitzancenter.org