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Chairperson's Message

 Ophra Elul

Ophra Elul
Chairperson of the
Board of Directors

Shalom from Israel! 

Nitzan started in 1964 as a small group of parent volunteers concerned about their children.  Since then, thousands of parents, students, and professionals have benefited from Nitzan's services.  Nitzan's efforts have raised public awareness about learning disabilities more than ever before in Israel.  More Israelis are diagnosed, properly diagnosed, by Nitzan's professionals using Nitzan-developed, nationally-normed assessments. And more Israelis receive the help they need:  parents and children; teachers, counselors and school administrators; psychologists, physicians, and college professors; soldiers, college students, and legislators - Nitzan is there to provide them with the information and services they need in order to support people with learning disabilities.

Notwithstanding the these postivie developments, an immense amount of work lies ahead].  Israel continues to lack legislation to assure that people with learning disabilities receive publicly funded diagnoses, education and accommodations to meet their needs.  Our best and brightest continue to slip through the cracks due to the lack of an educational infrastructure in Israel that is designed to support their needs.  Nitzan makes the difference for thousands - especially the those without means.  Yet even with 35 branches nationwide, with dozens of programs for students, parents, professionals and others, and with Nitzan's persistent and determined lobbying, public awareness, and professional development efforts - even with all that, it is still not enough.

Our vision is to address the challenge of learning disabilities as a worldwide Jewish community.  Dialogue among parents, experts, professionals, students and others will help us be more effective in Israel and will also support efforts to help Jews with learning disabilities around the world.  We shall grow by sharing with others who deal with the same issues, the problems, ideas, solutions, experience and expertise.

Please take a few minutes to become familiar with our international website.  It is designed to provide you with information about Nitzan's services and the opportunity to become involved in the struggle to support the needs of people with learning disabilities. We are extremely proud of our accomplishments and we welcome you to join us.



B'Shalom ("In Peace")

Ophra Elul

Chairperson of the Board of Directors