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Our Team

The people behind Nitzan are dedicated to addressing the challenge of learning disabilities in Israel and throughout the world.  We are parents, experts, professionals, students, and others working together and sharing with each other.  

Below are links to the lists of the different committees that comprise the Nitzan Staff.







Management Team

  • Maly Danino - CEO
  • Rami Gertler -  Dir. of Diagnosis and Treatment
  •  Tova Gur Arieh - Dir. of Resource Developement 
  • Gil Heilpern - Chief Financial Officer
  • Noa Yahuda - Website Coordinator
  • Dan Sharon - Director of  Rehabilitation

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 Board of Directors

  • Ofra Elul, Chair 
  •  Manny Shani
  • Shalom Machpud
  • Dorit Villk
  •  Mira Fein
  • Shlomo Benisti
  • Eitan Oged
  •  Moti Zargery
  •  Dr. Ran Lin
  • Geula Yaffe
  •  Nili Shabi
  •  Yehudit Tamir

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 Finance Committee

  • Aharon Levin
  •  Geula Yaffe
  •  Shlomo Avidan
  • Albert Futerman
  •  Pnina Lavi
  •  Shlomo Benisti

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Housing Committee

  • Dafna Netanyahu
  • Maly Danino
  • Shraga Okonovski
  • Dan Sharon
  • Michal Golan
  • Rachel Regev
  • Israel Tzur 
  • Orna Yogev
  • Rachell Bar-Nir

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Scholarship Committee

  •  Benny Ratzabi
  •  Ilana Zak 
  •  Edna Aharonson
  •  Manny Shani

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Professional Committee

  • Dr. Michal Shani
  • Maly Danino
  •  Rami Gertler
  • Dorit Lachman
  •  Ilana Ben-Ari
  •  Yehudit Rubinshtein
  • Galit Gordon Meir 
  •  Sara Vilnaie


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