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Educators Training

The main challenge of the education system today is the difficulty of providing for students adequate assistance both on the group and individual level within the heterogenic setting of a regular class. The processes of change that are occurring today with the beginning of the Israeli school reform "Ofek Hadash (New Horizon)" are an attempt to deal with this complicated reality.

Within the framework of the new program, individual and group teaching hours are allotted and support is given to enhance the professional teaching staffs within the schools. The teachers are expected to take courses to specialize and deepen their knowledge in their field and to learn how to accommodate groups of students that struggle in the school. This process of change in the Israeli school system is intended to improve the overall quality of teaching and to accommodate instruction for individual needs, such as helping students with learning disabilities reach their true potential.

In light of these changes, Nitzan has developned new programs that focus on building expertise in instruction of students with learning disabilities and/or ADHD, according to their age group. The programs are modular; therefore, they enable the teacher to develop and teach according to one's pace.

In addition to the known and recognized training programs in the field of assessment and treatment, Nitzan also trains professionals to accompany and support parents of children with learning disabilities and/or ADHD. This is in order to assist families in their coping and to help their children succeed. Therefore, in addition to the continuing education courses in the area of assessment and evaluation, we also offer program for other professionals such as: psychologists, social workers, counselors, speech therapists, assessors and evaluators, and remedial education teachers and offer unique programs in leading parent groups, case manager training, parent coaching according to the method developed by Nitzan.

We are sure that the teachers and professionals that choose to participate in our professional courses will benefit greatly from the learning, both professionally and individually, and by such will be able to assist students with learning disabilities to reach their true potential.


For more information, contact:

Tova Gur Aryeh

Dir. of Educational Training