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Israel has no law requiring schools to provide students with learning disabilities all of the services they need to make possible optimal learning. Also, there is no law obligating the schools to identify students with learning disabilities and to design programs for helping them. Nitzan, Israel's largest, professional organization specializing in the field of learning disabilities brings people and resources together, so as to help each and every individual with learning disability.

Approximately 10% of Israelis have learning disabilities. Many of these people are among our best and brightest. Israel cannot afford to waste such a valuable and important resource. Legally, morally, educationally, and professionally, Nitzan knows what to do to help Israel -- and we are committed to getting the job done. 

Nitzan's main services:

Assessment and Evaluation

Nitzan evaluates and identify thousands of children and adults with learning disabilities each year. Israel's nationally standardized academic and psychological assessment tools were first developed and implemented by Nitzan. With Israel's high immigration rate and accompanying cultural diversity - including Ethiopian, Russian/former Soviet Union, South American, European, Arab, and Anglo-Saxon cultures and languages - Nitzan's development of assessment tools is an ongoing process.

Services for Students

Nitzan is Israel's foremost developer and provider of education and educational materials for students with learning disabilities. We have developed numerous educational tools, systems, and programs to teach academic skills, learning strategies, and other essentials. On a nationwide basis, we provide direct education to students, remedial instruction, psychological treatment, occupational therapy, and more.

From fundamental academic skills to organizational and social strategies, from specific therapies to self-awareness and self-advocacy, Nitzan is the foremost developer and provider of services to students with learning disabilities in Israel.

Services for Parents and Families

Nitzan provides a full range of services for families, including counseling services, case management, support for parental advocacy, education, and information.

Nitzan's University for Parents is Israel's first ongoing instructional series designed specifically for parents of children with learning disabilities. The program consists of ten courses presented over a period of five months at Tel Aviv University. Each course is presented by Israel's leading expert in the course topic, including internationally recognized experts from the top universities in Israel.

Public Awareness and Advocacy

Nitzan constantly strives to raise public awareness of learning disabilities. This work is conducted through Nitzan's National Training Center, our branches, and the media. Nitzan produces numerous general information and focused materials for the professional and general populations. In addition, Nitzan organizes meetings, presentations, and programs directed at raising public awareness among parents, educators, military recruitment professionals, institutions of higher learning, the employment sector, and other government offices and services. Our efforts in the schools and through our parent and professional development programs have been especially successful at raising public awareness.

Professional Development

Nitzan's National Training Center provides educational programs on learning disabilities for professionals. Scholars, teachers and other professionals study with us to learn about evaluation, instruction, counseling, therapy, and other aspects of the needs of persons with learning disabilities. By participating in annual programs, shorter lecture series, or individual courses and workshops, professionals learn the most up-to-date information and skills they need to be more effective in their own work with persons with learning disabilities.

Legislative Advocacy

Nitzan is Israel's strongest advocate for the rights of the learning disabled in the Knesset (the Israeli Parliament). Legislators and Knesset committees look to Nitzan for expert information and guidance on issues related to learning disabilities. Nitzan has led a six-year collaboration among related Israeli lobbying organizations to advocate for implementation of a law to establish and protect the educational rights of students with learning disabilities and to promote opportunities for these students within general education framework. There is much work left to be done; the bill passed its first Knesset hearing, but has not yet completed the legislative process.

Adult Job Training

This programs covers 120 individuals, aged 20-35, who have not completed a basic high school education. As such, they are unable to integrate into the work force, or rather, they suffer from a lack of access to the job market. The aim is thus to prevent a situation whereby these young adults fall as as a burden to society and to enable them to reach their individual potential.

Within the framework of the program participants undergo professional evaluation of their competencies, so as to tailor for them with skills and tools that match their capabilities. All participants attend a basic two week computer course, that is, in addition to individual guidance and prepation for work placement and to coaching sessions that provide them with self-advocacy tools.

Once participants are placed in employment, they are accompanied and supported by Nitzan's professional staff in the form of bi-weekly support group.

Rehabilitation Services

Nitzan has developed a network of residential training centers for adults with learning disabilities who also have adaptive and functional disabilities. These centers are designed for adults (usually ages 18-40, or more) and currently have a 90% success rate of integration into work and independent lifestyles within the community.

Our Onim Institute in Kfar Saba was the flagship center for this program. Onim's current residents are between the ages of 18-27. They learn life skills, become integrated into work environments, and lead independent lifestyles.

Similar programs now exist in Nitzan residential centers in Haifa, Tel Aviv, Rehovot, Modiin, and Raanana. Nitzan developed these centers in cooperation with Bituach Leumi (Israeli Social Security) and the Department for Rehabilitation of the Ministry of Labor and Welfare. Additionally, many of our regular Nitzan branches offer therapeutic social clubs for this population.