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New Living Quarters in Modi'in

Special living quarters for people with learning disabilities were opened  in Modiin, 2012. The project was spearheaded by Nitzan, in collaboration with the municipality of Modiin. 

This living area is the fifthof its kind in Israel. Nitzan has created 4 other similar projects in areas throughout Israel. The first apartment in Modiin is located in the center of town, and has four young residents who have left home in order to enjoy independent life. The focus of the program is moving one step further, so that these young people can train and work, earn a living. 

Ofra Elul, chairperson of Nitzan, described in the inauguration ceremony how the residents would learn to cook, clean, organize, shop for groceries, and manage a budget. 

The hope is that the program will expand to 60 residents within three years.