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10 Tips for Parents

Maly Danino, Director of Nitzan, Suggests 10 Tips for Parents of Children with Learning Disabilities
  1. Learning Disabilities have many faces and it's important that parents learn the subject so they can help and assist according to the best of their abilities.
  2. Early spotting of learning disabilities from preschool - the earlier we identify, the greater our chances of success in dealing with them
  3. If you suspect that your child has a learning disability, don't hesitate to check and to consult with the teacher
  4. When you are referred to an assessment, make sure that you turn to a professional and recognized tester.
  5. A child with learning disabilities is not a child with low abilities, there are talented and gifted children who suffer from learning disabilities.
  6. A child with learning disabilities needs learning strategies and appropriate testing methods in order to perform to the best of his abilities.
  7. The assessment is not a one-time event. If the assessment is performed during elementary school, it's important to follow-up and check again during middle or high school in order to appropriately match the need assistance to the child's needs.
  8. The parents need to have a continuous dialogue with the school in order to make sure their child is having his needs met, and this is through cooperation and mutual attention being given to each party's needs.
  9. A child with learning disabilities is like any other child and needs time for playing, friends, after-school activities, and more. Success in an area that he enjoys will serve as a platform for dealing with his difficulties.
  10. Learning disabilities don't end with high school, and they have implications for the army, college/university studies, work... it's important to accompany the learning disabled also as an adult.



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