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Lithuania, December 2016


We are spreading our wings! The first unique and innovative training program on the E.C.C. – Emotional Cognitive Coaching method, for educators, psychologists, education counselors and social workers, in cooperation with the ministry of education and science of Lithuania, took place in Vilnius from December 12, 2016 – December 23, 2016.
The cooperation with the Lithuanian ministry of education and science was initiated by Israel’s ambassador to Lithuania, Mr. Amir Maimon who recognizes the importance of sharing knowledge on issues such as education and innovative practices in education and on issues affecting education.

The training program was led by Dr. Maly Danino, CEO of Nitzan-Israel, who developed the method and was accompanied by Anat Katznelson the psychologist in residence at nitzan and the director of the coaching program in Israel in giving the lectures and workshops.

Dr. Danino wrote the book The Parent as a Coach-a journey of a parent of a child with learning disabilities and attention deficit disorder in 2007. Following the publishing of this book, Dr. Danino developed two intervention programs for parents: a support group called: The Journey from Support to Advocacy and the E.C.C. process: Coaching for Individuals or Couples. In 2011 Dr. Danino published the book Coach Your Child to Success which serves as a text book for professionals at Nitzan’s unique coaching program. This book was translated to English in 2012 and to Lithuanian in 2016 and served as a text book in this first training program in Lithuania.

Following the agreement with the Lithuanian ministry of education and science, a selected group of graduates from this training seminar will after a period of practice and supervision be in charge of implementing the method within the Lithuanian education system.


For the first time, a 10 days training program led by Nitzan opened in Vilnius

A 10 days seminar for senior professionals from the fields of education and psychology opened in Vilnius on December 12 2016. This seminar continued the cooperation between Nitzan and the Lithuanian Ministry of Education and science, initiated by Mr. Amir Maimon, Israel’s ambassador to Lithuania.
Mr. Maimon sees education as an important common ground between the states of Israel and Lithuania and continues to promote and foster programs for the advancement of population with special needs. Ambassador Maimon welcomed the participants, summarized the activity that took place to date, expressed his gratitude to Dr. Maly Danino and Anat Katznelson and emphasized that this seminar is an important step forward in the cooperation between the two states.
We were also honored by the presence of Dr. Natalja Fatkulina, former deputy minister of education, who had a great part in making this seminar a reality, and publishing the book: “Coach your Child to Success” in Lithuania.
The book was translated by Ms. Teresa Aidukienė that was appointed two years ago by the minister of education in Lithuania to act as a liaison between the Lithuanian ministry of education and Nitzan.



 The Lithuanian Version of the Book “Coach Your Child to Success” was launched in Vilnius 

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The book “Coach your Child to Success” was translated to Lithuanian. It was launched on December 20, 2016 at the ministry of education and science in Vilnius. The event was attended by Israeli Ambassador to Lithuania Mr. Amir Maimon, and officials from Lithuanian Ministry of Education who praised the cooperation with Nitzan and successful seminar for senior professionals, led by Nitzan’s CEO Dr. Maly Danino.
Ambassador Maimon said that one of the next challenges will be to establish Coach your Child to Success centers that will serve parents, teacher, counselors and psychologists.
Dr. Natalja Fatkulina the former deputy minister of education and science welcomed this cooperation and thanked all the educators who took an active part in the seminars in the past two years and in publishing the book in Lithuanian. Dr. Maly Danino, CEO of Nitzan spoke about the uniqueness of the method, that focuses in the emotional world of parents and teachers who are such an important factor in the development and well-being of the children. She also expressed her gratitude to Ms. Teresa Aidukiene for her professional and sensitive translation of the book. 


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Certificate Ceremony upon completion of the seminar

מלי ותרזה 

One more fascinating journey of passing on our knowledge in the world ended successfully. The certificate ceremony took place on December 23, 2016 at the residence of the Israeli ambassador to Lithuania, Mr. Amir Maimon. The participants of the seminar: Coach Your Child to Success – Emotional Cognitive Coaching received the certificates from Ambassador Amir Maimon, Dr. Natalja Fatkulina-former deputy minister of education and science and Dr. Maly Danino CEO of Nitzan. The participants shared their exciting experiences during the seminar and the changes they went through.

The program has been integrated into the training plans of the ministry of education and science in Lithuania for 2017-2018 including continuing workshop that will be given by Dr. Maly Danino and Anat Katznelson.

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Letter of invitation from Vice Minister of education, Dr. Natalja Fatkulina:

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