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A three day seminar for educators at the ministry of education in Riga, Latvia


A three day seminar for educators, led by Nitzan started on November 21, 2016, at the ministry of education in Riga, Latvia.
Israel ambassador to Latvia, Mrs. Lironne Br Sade opened the seminar and welcomed all the senior educators that arrived from Riga and from places all over Latvia. Ambassador Bar Sade also welcomed Dr. Maly Danino-CEO of Nitzan, Anat Katznelson and Tova Gur-Arieh.

Mrs. Bar Sade also welcomed the cooperation between Israel and Latvia on education and wished the participants and enriching learning experience.

Dr. Danino acknowledged the opportunity to present Nitzan’s activities in Latvia and share our knowledge and fifty years’ experience.
The seminar was initiated by the Israeli embassy in Latvia in cooperation with the Latvian ministry of education and science.

During the second day of the seminar, Dr. Danino was interview by both; Mr. Andrai Tatarchick, from the Russian newspaper in Latvia the: Vesti Segodnza (who was accompanied by interns from the USA) and by Mr. Bris Svazakin from the Jewish program in the Latvian Radio.

The seminar for the educator from the Latvian ministry of education ended with a taste for more…the participants were exposed for the first time to the approach and tool for working with parents.

The participants were awarded a certificate of attendance from Nitzan and the Latvian ministry of education.

Dr. Danino was also interview by the Latvian Newspaper – NRA


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